Samaara Tea from Jivraj Family Enters the Domestic Market

Here are some flavours and types of teas that you must have so that you don't catch a cold and also give those taste buds a treat.

The petrichor brings with itself so many pleasant memories, so many positive thoughts, and so many good things! Accompany it with a cup of your favourite blend of tea in your hands and just stand at your balcony and let it flow in through your body. There is no better feeling to describe happiness. Mr.Dheer Shah, CEO, Samaara Tea says that this is the ultimate truth and it comes packed in a box of tea. One would wonder how a simple mixture of milk, sugar and an ingredient called tea could produce such propitious results, how it could light up the eyes of even a septuagenarian as it does of a kid when he sees a new toy, and how it could dwindle the effects of a headache in no time – all be it psychologically! Tea comes in a range of varieties and each tea lover has their list of choices for the same.

For the uninitiated, there’s no need to flutter as here are our five recommendations of different flavours of tea that you could try this season:

The Old Messiah- Black Tea

Tea is the most widely consumed drink after water in the world. In the world of teas, black tea is the one that is produced the most. Go for a good branded one as many have been found to sell impure black tea and contains added colour. This tea is known to be good for the heart, improves gut health and also helps in reducing blood pressure.

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For The Caffeine Watchers-Green Tea

If you wish to go for a healthier tea option there is nothing like green tea. To top it, you could combine it with honey, ginger, or lemon to enhance the health and taste prospect.

Dig A Bit Deeper-Oolong Tea

This is a very rare form of tea that originated in China and accounts for just 2% of the tea consumption in the world. For regular tea drinkers, this could be a nice way to explore new areas of their taste buds. It helps in relieving stress, is said to help in fighting cancer, it is very good for immunity and also protects teeth.

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The Desi Tadka-Masala Chai

This is a hot favourite amongst the host of tea varieties that have come up in its 5000-year-old history, in India and overseas as well. What makes it stand out is the addition of spices like anise, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, and others that have health benefits too.

The Youngest Member-White Tea

White tea is the youngest member of the tea clan. Only the very first pick of the year can be considered really good quality white tea. With almost zero oxidation, it is priced for its soft, fresh from the garden flavour and aroma.

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